Top Interior Tips for 2022

To help those seeking interiors inspiration, we spoke to Steve Hird, one of the directors at Edward Thomas Interiors, the designers behind our townhouse show home at The Folium in Muswell Hill, to hear his advice on interior tips this year.

We’ve pulled together three of Steve’s top interior tips on what’s in style this year, so that you can spruce up your home this Spring.

1. Incorporate colour

Colour plays a key role in any home styling, with the ability to completely transform a room. Try a feature wall with a bold coat of paint, or a pop of colour incorporated into artworks, scatter cushions or room accessories. To make sure your home is bang on trend for 2022, select the Dulux Colour of The Year for 2022, ‘Bright Skies’, a pastel blue which holds a neutral and calming effect. When paired with other pastels, the colour can be toned down, but equally adding a brighter hue can really emphasise the shade. As ever, darker shades like royal blue and forest green are still very much in fashion, so don’t be afraid to experiment with some deeper colour palettes.

2. Enhance the outdoors

We’ve seen over the last couple of years the impact that nature and the outdoors can have. As a result, experimenting with bringing the outdoors into the home has skyrocketed. We often use wallpaper with leaves and foliage as the main pattern together with a variety of shades of green, to create a nice link to the outdoors, which brings a sense of the natural world into the space. This is great for those living in apartments without access to a garden, as simply incorporating foliage, houseplants and greenery into your home can make a real difference. 

3. Focus on your furniture

Last but not least, the use of furniture in any space is crucial to emphasising key areas. Homeowners should look at the smaller spaces and assess what can be done with them, for example creating breakout areas with a simple chair and throw. With so many people still working from home, it’s important that there are established areas that can be furnished as an escape from the rest of the house; somewhere to read a book or listen to music. Upcycling and regenerating furniture are also really on trend in 2022, offering fantastic value for money paired with style. Whether it’s adding a lick of pain to an old table, or deconstructing and reworking an old bookshelf, there are plenty of ways to incorporate furniture in a thrifty way.

The full video with Steve Hird can be viewed below: