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Tips for Styling your Balcony

Styling your balcony can be a tricky job and as an extension of your home, it should reflect you as much as the rest of your interiors do. So, we thought that it might be helpful to put together a little style guide to give you some inspiration to get you going. Overlooking a space with as much potential as a balcony has is a shame, so whether you’re looking to deck out your balcony for the ultimate space to entertain friends and family or you want to keep it as a space of your own, this guide is full of tips for styling your balcony to suit you.

1. Be Space Savvy

When you want to make the most of your balcony style, practicality is key. Cleverly designed to save you space, pieces of furniture like fold-away tables and chairs not only make the space seem bigger than it is, but they’re also easy to get out and put away again. Multi-purpose pieces such as ottomans are also ideal when you want to save space. Ideal for storing extra blankets and pillows for when those cooler evenings spill out onto the balcony, you can pick them up and pack them away with ease.

2. Get Planting

Hide away after a hectic day in the garden that you’ve always wanted and turn your passion for planting into a DIY project. By styling your balcony with a variety of your favourite plants, you can create your own private patch of paradise. Add a splash of colour with your floral favourites or entice your senses with a zesty herb garden. Not only will the foliage give your balcony a refreshing atmosphere, the greenery will create a sense of privacy for you to enjoy, whether that be with friends, family, or on your own.

3. Space to Stretch

Another of our favourite tips for styling your balcony and inspirations for making use of this extra space is exercise. With your own personal work out space, you won’t have to worry about the dreaded equipment hoggers or running late for your favourite class. Surround yourself with the things you find most soothing and start or finish your day with a healthy dose of exercise. Roll-up exercise mats and any other pieces of equipment fit neatly into storage benches. Relax and enjoy your own company or if you need that bit of extra motivation, invite a friend to join in!

Three Top Tips to Remember

We wanted to round this blog post off with our three favourite tips for styling your balcony so if you’re struggling to define your balcony style, you’ve got these three tips to get you going.

  • When styling your balcony, consider carrying the aesthetic of the adjoining room, whether it be a living space or a bedroom, through to your balcony. This will tie the two spaces together and create a sense of continuity throughout your home.
  • When styling your balcony, try to avoid darker colours as they tend to make a space seem more confined than it is. We suggest using a lighter palette and subtle patterns that are easy on the eye and give the space a lighter feel.
  • To add emphasis to your balcony style and the space that you have, consider running with the theme of vertical lines. Anything with a bit of height to it, whether it be taller plants, wall hangings or pieces of art, will add to the openness of the space.