Studio Apartments: Why They’re The Perfect Home For One

It has been reported by The Guardian that the average first-time buyer hoping to buy on their own in London would typically need to spend an extraordinary 17 years saving before they have enough cash for a 15% deposit to purchase on the open market.

Helping buyers onto the ladder for considerably less, we have just three studio apartments remaining at ARRO, where deposits start from under £3,350. Available through Shared Ownership, buyers only require a 5% deposit on the share they are purchasing. What’s more, for a limited time period we’re offering to gift this 5% deposit to eligible buyers, so you can buy at ARRO without large savings!

So single buyers can sigh a breath of relief – there are options in London that can help them wave goodbye to renting on the private market.

To help you picture life at ARRO, we’ve explored our top 4 reasons why studios make the perfect place to call home.

Easy to Furnish

Furnishing a studio apartment can be much cheaper than a larger apartment. The key is versatility – for example, chairs which work just as well around the dining table as in front of the TV – perfect for buyers on a budget. Minimise how much you have to spend on furniture by purchasing pieces that work in multiple ways and which make the most of the floorspace.

Flexible Living

There’s no restrictions on how to use your home – it’s your space to make it work the way you want to live. Keep the space as one large room, or come up with creative ways to split your space, like adding in a clever room divider! It’s your space to make your own.

 More Energy Efficient

Cut your carbon footprint by keeping the kitchen, dining, living and sleeping areas all in one space, reducing the amount of energy for lighting and heating and helping you save on bills!

 Quicker to Clean

Cleaning is never fun – so any way to make it faster is always a bonus. It’s easy to whizz around a studio apartment with a hoover, give the surfaces a quick dust and make the bed – then the apartment is guest-ready!

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