How To Make The Most Of Your Spare Bedroom

Those purchasing a two bedroom home, as a single professional or couple, might be stuck for ideas on how best to use the additional space wisely. With property buyers seeing space as a premium in modern homes, the spare room has much added value.

Here, we look at 4 ways to make the most of your spare bedroom at The Calico, one of our two bedroom apartments at The Switch.

1. A Welcoming Guest Bedroom

Perhaps the most obvious is having a dedicated space for your guests to sleep if you regularly have friends and family to stay. Creating a cosy home away from home, with extra special bed linen, hotel-style pillows and stylish décor, provides a welcoming and tasteful space for visitors to sleep.

make the most of your spare bedroom

2. Your own Home Office

Given hybrid working has become the new norm, a comfortable home office has become a must-have for many. This dedicated space to work from home promotes a work- life balance by giving buyers an exclusive office, separate from their living area, allowing them to really ‘switch off’.

If both partners work from home, equip the room with two desks and create the ultimate co-working space, while still having the option to work in the living area to avoid disruption with meeting clashes.

make the most of your spare bedroom

3. A Chic Dressing Room

While homes at The Switch come with plenty of storage space, some may wish to indulge in a dedicated dressing room to free up some space in the master bedroom for their bulky Winter coats and stiletto heels. Create a stylish space with a rail, shoe rack, antique dressing table and a free-standing mirror to get ready in style.

Additionally, use the extra storage space to hide away your spare linens, rarely used tableware and extra towels in a dresser to really channel your inner Marie Kondo.

4. A Practical Multi-Purpose Room

Alternatively, if you’ve been convinced by all three, why not create a multipurpose room that combines them all? If you’re not having visitors to stay regularly, consider transforming the room into a multitasking space.

Think about having a daybed, perfect to sleep on when guests stay over, yet doubles as a sofa during the day. Likewise, a daybed creates more space for an extra wardrobe to store your clothes and a desk for your workspace, resulting in a strategic combination of all three.

make the most of your spare bedroom

However you choose to use the extra space, our collection of two bedroom apartments at The Switch offer flexible interiors to make the rooms work for you. An affordable option for those looking for additional space, The Calico home at The Switch costs £7,468 per square metre, compared to Earlsfield’s area average of £8,130 per square metre.*

Make the most of your spare bedroom, find out more about our Shared Ownership two bedroom apartments at The Switch.

*Housemetric, May 2022