Interior Trends for 2023

Interior Trends for 2023 with Edward Thomas Interiors

 As we head into the second month of 2023, and with Spring just around the corner, many homeowners look upon this period of the year as the time to refresh their interiors. Whether it’s a particular room that needs an update, a touch of DIY, or potentially a complete transformation, there are always new and emerging trends to use as a guide for getting started.

Bringing you the latest home styling tips, we’ve spoken to interior design expert Steve Hird, Director at Edward Thomas Interiors – specialists operating exclusively within the new homes sector, and the designers behind our Townhouse Collection at The Folium.

What interior trends are you expecting to continue from 2022 into 2023?

“Self-expression and the maximalist design approach is here to stay, where each room brings character through colourful, quirky and eclectic decor, avoiding any uniformity. This year, I expect this to evolve to incorporate further personalisation, especially with items that invoke wellbeing such as homemade plaster artwork. This is prevalent on Instagram; people practicing mindfulness and embracing their creativity to produce textured prints and canvases.”

What are some top emerging interior trends for 2023?

“In terms of emerging trends, there’s a few to watch out for. 1980’s retro is making a comeback. Curves and rounded edges have reappeared, especially in furniture and seating to establish a softer aesthetic and bring people together. I’m also seeing these curved lines in mirrors, light fittings and wall treatments, where colour paint blocks are used to create arches or emphasise alcoves, inspired by Renaissance architecture.

Pastels are the other way I expect to see the 1980’s reimagined – think Neapolitan ice cream and you’re not far wrong! Baby blue, pale pink, mint green, peach and lavender are coming through not just in paint colours but fabrics, ceramic tiles, even kitchen cabinetry.”

How would you suggest incorporating the Pantone Colour of The Year (Viva Magenta) into the home?

 “It depends on your style preference! If you’re unafraid to be bold and bright then a colour like Viva Magenta would look amazing as a statement wall treatment, either painted, panelled or as the dominant shade in a wallpaper. If you’re more subtle with your styling, then introduce it as an accent shade. It could be in the form of one piece like an occasional chair or headboard, or in a series of accessories such as lampshades, artwork, scatter cushions, rugs or decorative objects.”

As you specialise in new homes, what tips would you give to someone purchasing a new build on making their house feel like immediately more like a home through interiors?

 “Focus on the key rooms, places you’ll spend the most time like your bedroom and living room. Knowing you have sanctuaries for sleeping and relaxing will help take the pressure off.  Flooring, window dressings and key pieces of furniture should come first, these will immediately make a blank space more homely. Don’t overlook lighting either – good lighting can really help a space feel cosy and inviting. Accessories and wall decorations can all follow in time.


 Lastly, don’t panic buy! Just because there’s a sofa sale or a piece of furniture is half price doesn’t mean you should go for it. Take your time, if you have the chance to walkthrough the property with your builder then you can take measurements, otherwise wait until you’ve moved in and can get a feel for the space and how you use it.”

What would you recommend is a must have inside the home this year?

 “Room wise, 2023’s ‘must-haves’ include the home office (here to stay), the built-in pantry (showing off our skills learned in lockdown) and what I’m calling a ‘bootility’, a combined boot room and utility! These are definitely becoming more stylised as homeowners focus on getting outdoors and connecting with nature.


 “Styling wise, there’s a growing trend towards more realistic, ‘lived in’ interiors. Homes that are welcoming, less staged and properly show the activities of individuals, couples or families. More authentic, if you will.” 

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