How to Style your Home like Midsummer Vale

Britain is currently experiencing a boom in DIY projects – a survey suggests that some 71% of us are aiming to complete a home project whilst we are in lockdown, from building a coffee table to painting the kitchen cabinetry.

Providing you with some inspiration to update your interiors, here’s some expert design tips from the Midsummer Vale show home in Walkern, Hertfordshire.

Statement Walls

A dramatic statement wall can make a huge impact. Used as a focal point within a room, they bring personality and warmth, either contributing to, or determining, the colour palette of the rest of the space. At Midsummer Vale, a contemporary, metallic wallpaper provides the backdrop to a sumptuous velvet bed in the master bedroom, whilst extenuating the elegant pitched ceiling. 

A statement wall can easily be added to a room, either using wallpaper or paint, with plenty of options available to order online. The best thing is – it’s not permanent. You can change up a feature wall whenever you fancy, whether that’s to match new furniture or just because you feel like something new.

Invest in accessories

One of the easiest ways to bring some style to your interiors without breaking the bank is to integrate accessories. A vase, a couple of planters and some books can turn an empty corner into a highlight of your home. Art is another simple solution to update a room – you could even get creative and buy a canvas and some acrylics, and paint something for your room! Match the colours to other features within the space, and you’ll struggle to go wrong. 

Makeover your downstairs bathroom

If a whole room makeover is on the cards, then why not start with one of the most over-looked rooms in the house – the downstairs bathroom.  At Midsummer Vale, we’ve wrapped the room in a tessellating patterned wallpaper, whilst bringing warmth to the space through wood-finishes and an oversized gold-rimmed mirror. 

Play with textures

Mixing up different textures, prints and materials is a simple way to elevate a room.  In our guest bedroom, we have built up a pallet of velvets, cottons, woods and linens, in contrasting patterns and block colours, to create a picture-perfect space. Soft furnishings are often the easiest way to go, providing a cost-effective way to bring some variety to a room.

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