Finding a place of your own:
A guide from two interior influencers

At Catalyst we care a lot about helping buyers find a place of their own, whether that’s a slick studio apartment near central London, or a spacious family home in the countryside.

To help inspire future homeowners on their journey to find a home they love, we partnered with two interior design influencers to share their property stories. From the highs of buying their first homes, to the lows of some slightly dodgy rentals, Pink House Living and Forward Features shared an insight into their housing history, and explained how they reached their signature style.

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Here, Pink House Living guides us through the places she lived from the 1990s to today, complete with outfits to match!

Our partnership with Forward Features saw Mark and David kick the back the curtain on their former homes, as well as explain how they personalised their current London property (which happens to be a Shared Ownership apartment, proving just how much style you can pack into a home like this!).  

Here’s what they shared on Instagram:

“The other day we were looking back on past homes. Mark’s squat-turned-Property-Guardian-Scheme in a creepy abandoned school in Tooting where he lived in a cupboard and David’s Zone 6 (that’s basically Birmingham, right?) flat in the suburbs. Then there was our first rented flat together which, although happy at the time, ended badly with the landlord and lady. And we can’t forget the Peckham pad which had a retro swimming pool – absolutely freezing cold but a great pick-me-up after a few bevvies the night before. Each one had its pros and cons and come with good and bad memories, but one thing is for sure, it makes having a place to call our own extra special.”

If you’re looking to take your first steps on to the property ladder, or maybe your ready to up- or downsize, we’re here to help you find a place of your own. Click here to find out more.

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