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5 Interior Trends for Summer

Scalloped Edges

This particular trend can be seen in a multitude of interior magazines due to its effortless ability to fit in with most styles, thanks to its elegant simplicity.

Shapley pieces of furniture that have a scalloped edge create a great centre piece, drawing the eye to a certain part or feature of a room without taking away from anything else. Originally a characteristic of the Art Deco era, the scalloped edge was seen everywhere, from mirrors and other decorative pieces to the dresses of the 1920s flapper and her flamboyant friends. Suiting a wide selection of furniture pieces including chairs, headboards, rugs and tiling, this rounded edge gives a softer and more inviting feel to your home.

Seriously Scandi

This look adheres to the minimalist mantra of ‘less is more’ and does so in a way that enhances simplicity and functionality throughout the home. Clean lines and no fuss is a key indicator of this Nordic trend as well as a colour palette consisting of greys and neutrals. Natural materials and textures go hand in hand with this interior style, complementing the overall pared down aesthetic.

Exciting Textures

Bringing in different textures across the interiors within your home gives an understated look but carries a big impact. A texture can dramatically change the character of any given room, making it a powerful and effective tool to use when thinking about your interiors. Whether you’re introducing a simple woven cushion or throw into your living room to give a cosy feel, or you’re bringing in a statement velvet tub chair to introduce an air of elegance to your favourite reading corner, a new texture can define your interiors in one simple piece.

Pattern Paradise

Pattern is key for summer this year but also holds some longevity. A striking pattern or print adds character to a room when paired with plain furniture without completely stripping the room of its calming qualities. Whether you want to stick to just one pattern or use a combination of styles together, your interiors will be striking. A single pattern can be used across various aspects of a single room, such as using patterned wallpaper to decorate a feature wall and drawing it together with similarly patterned throw cushions and decorative accessories.

If you fancied using more than one pattern in a single room the key is to keep the tones of your chosen colour palette the same across your patterns. This way, there will always be some form of recurring feature that pulls the room together.

Darker Colours

Despite the usual popularity of pastels, this year, due the strong theme of sustainability that is sweeping through the interior design world, darker tones are becoming more and more common within the colour palette. A splash of deep blue or jet black against a crisp white background is gloriously eye-catching. By stripping a room back to the simplicity of dark on light, you can team the basic colour palette with plants or natural materials to add some warmth to the room.

Whether you’re crazy about patterns, or love the minimal look, we hope these trends give you serious interior inspiration for your new home by Catalyst.