4 Ways to Transform your Spare Room at NEON

Many of us are spending more time at home than ever before, and are realising just how nice it is to have some extra space at home, especially when used in the right way. The spare bedroom has found new purpose, no longer a dumping ground for unused furniture, but instead a room where your creativity can run free. Here, we look at the different ways you could transform a guest bedroom at NEON, creating the ultimate oasis in your home.

An inspiring home office

Working from home looks like it could be here to stay, and therefore having a dedicated office space in your property is the new must-have. Converting a second bedroom into a dedicated workspace with a desk, chair and shelving is a great way to separate your work and home lives – helping you stay focused and productive during your 9 to 5 as well as making it easier to switch off at the end of the day.  

Your own health & wellness retreat 

Whether you fancy a meditation station or a spin studio, a spare room can easily be transformed into a detox space. Line up mirrors along one wall to recreate the gym class experience, and attach a television to the wall to easily follow your favourite YouTube instructor. This is your opportunity to create a space which really inspires you – whether that’s putting up pictures of your favourite athletes, or playing music which leaves you feeling zen.  

A splendid storage solution

Storage ranks high on the wish lists of home buyers, yet is often forgotten about in place of more glamorous decor options. However, when well-thought through, you can make a storage section into one of the best parts of your home, and the spare bedroom is the perfect place to start. Channel your inner-Sarah Jessica Parker and install fitted wardrobes to create a luxe walk-in dressing room. Or divide the space into different storage sections for your family – you could have dedicated areas for your crafts, cycle equipment and board games… just think how proud Marie Kondo would be!

The perfect second lounge 

A second lounge area is rarely on the cards in London, especially for first-time buyers, but can be a brilliant way to make use of a spare bedroom. Whether you’re an avid reader and want to deck a room with bookcases, or you fancy creating a snug cinema with projector and comfy sofa, a second lounge gives you the flexibility to do something a bit different to your main reception area. At NEON, each apartment features a spacious open-plan living area with kitchen and dining space, so a second lounge might be the perfect spot to chill when your other half is cooking, or you want to wrap up somewhere cosier during the colder months.

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