Monday 23 December

2020 Interior Design Trends

With Christmas nearly here and 2019 almost wrapped up, it’s time to begin thinking about the new year and there’s no better way to make a new start than by freshening up your home décor! So, to give you some inspiration, here’s our roundup of the top interior design trends for 2020… 

Cosy Colours

One interior colour scheme that will be prominent in 2020 is the use of neutral tones. Whereas beige has historically been a colour to avoid when decorating our homes, experts predict that warm, yellow-based shades like this and creamy off-whites will begin to appear in place of greys and brilliant whites.

That being said, grey is not set to go anywhere and will retain the popularity it has enjoyed over the past years, plus keep an eye out for a few more statements around the home. Bold colours and patterns will become more common and the feature wall will make a comeback. Look out floral-inspired or abstract designs along with dark, inky blues and blacks.

Natural Textures

In recent years the world has become much more aware of climate change and the affect it is having on our environment and as a result we are all trying to do our bit. This same mentality is set to extend into our homes in 2020, with eco-friendly materials and natural fibres playing a big role, while at the same time adding a bit of bohemian style.

This boho interior design trend will be spearheaded by rattan and wicker, while bamboo furniture it set to continue its re-emergence as a stylish addition to your living room. Experts predict that this demand for all things organic will also extend further into natural silks, hemp and even cork. 

Curvy Furniture & accessories

When it comes to furniture and accessories in your home there are a few trends to watch out for in 2020. Curves and arches will be a prominent feature with the experts saying they will be incorporated into our interiors in a number of different ways. Curved mirrors will be a popular addition to walls and the use of art-deco-style curved furniture will help to soften interior spaces.

In addition to this, look out for bold features such as statement rugs with abstract or floral designs, colourful cabinets and handcrafted homewares, especially with an international feel.

Interior Themes in 2020

Looking at overall themes, it’s safe to say that the Nordic inspired interior design trend is very much here to stay in 2020, with a feeling of natural, earthy cosiness dominating homes around the country. However, it’s not all oatmeal neutrals and simplistic styles; there are other, more colourful trends on the horizon.

A widely predicted 2020 interior design trend is one of abstract colour. This style will use bold shades and abstract shapes to create interiors that are playful, energetic and loads of fun!

Add to this somewhat of an art-deco resurgence with a 70s twist and there is certainly plenty to look forward to when it comes to interior design in 2020.

Stay tuned to our blog for more inspiration so you can let your imagination run wild when putting the finishing touches on your new home by Catalyst.